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Monday over…German class done…fed, watered and now in bed!

German class done for today… and eventually the penny has dropped and I understand why in a sentence it is der die das, dem der dem den…etc… the nominative, accusative and dative. (*BIG CHEER*) I’m really pleased with myself. Now the part that’s a little tricky is writing a letter or something using the correct prepositions and adjective endings!

But the part that I was struggling with the most has finally sunk in. Class was good tonight, though the guy I was sitting next to had had too many coffees and too many smokes and wasn’t a nice smell when he talked to me but we didn’t do too many paired things so that was okay and most of the exercises we went through in class I understood or did after it had been explained. I really wish I’d kept up with my German last year, to think where I’d be with it now if I had I don’t like to think about. But, as it was I let myself down with the German so this time I’m going to do it and hopefully learn enough to find somewhere in a hospital to work as something until my German is good enough to be a nurse. Once the German is learnt… I have to learn the medical German!

Will get there anyway. I’m on the right track mentally now to focus properly and sit down to learn.

Trying to learn at least 10 words or remember 10 words a day, shaky start but the number I’m remembering each day’s becoming more.

After German class ended I got home about 8pm and started making dinner. Bought a few cook books “good food” one’s from Amazon, one of them is a curry book. So… here’s what I started to make

Fragrant Chicken Curry with Chickpeas minus the yogurt plus spicy rice.

All ingredients in the pans, best thing was, I made it from scratch. No added pastes or anything. So the left pan is the base sauce for the curry and the frying pan is onions, chillies and turmeric (should have been Garam-Masala but I forgot which spice to use!) … once these were fried they were added to the pan above with rice in and stirred then cooked. Put 2 cups of chicken stock and 3 plain water in for the rice, as my measurements are 2 rice to 5 water, the chicken stock cups were to add extra flavour.

So… everything cooked and made and this was the result…

A very tasty dish :)

Anyhow, it’s 23.30 Uhr here and I’m pretty tired. After getting rather sunburnt Saturday I didn’t sleep too well last night as it’s still sore on my neck, so am going to have a little read and the off to the land of nod!

Good night zZz

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